a new page

This is a new page for me, metaphorically and literally. I’ve blogged before but always felt constrained and limited, by myself mostly, by the things I thought I couldn’t say, the things I wanted to say, my sense of knowing who I am, my own time limits and my busy life. Somewhere along the way in the past year, I realised I’d stopped writing. Maybe it was because there was nothing to say, maybe it was because I was writing a 30,000 word thesis. Either way it was like there were no words of my own. In my thesis I was writing the stories and lives of the Muslim women on whom my research focused, in my emails I was applying for jobs, and organising meetings for the NGO I volunteer for, but I wasn’t writing for myself. And I missed it.

Then one day I found myself looking at my old blog wondering why I stopped. The next thing I knew, I’d found this page. I had made it, ready, waiting and blank, just for me. A new page.

This blog is a little bit of everything – a scattering of petals from under the purple magnolia tree, thoughts, inspirations and snapshots of life from:

a girl who’s trying to change the world, a primary teacher-in-training who can’t wait to have her own class full of students, a uni tutor trying to cure bad writing one student at a time, a student herself trying to keep up with a busy course load of teaching subjects, a fiancĂ©e who’s marrying her soul mate and trying to plan a DIY, beautiful but inexpensive wedding, a not-always-so-dutiful daughter who tries to remember to call her mother once a week, a druid who’s trying to be more mindful and walk her spiritual path with integrity, and an aspiring writer that dreams of teaching creative writing one day.

So that’s me!

Laughter and love from under the purple magnolia tree,



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