A Wedding Update

The pohutukawa tree in our backyard under a spring sky.

Oops so it’s been a little while since I’ve written. There’s something about Winter, I think, that just brings out the hibernating instinct, and sends us all scurrying away into our burrows. But now daylight hours are on the increase, we are rapidly approaching the equinox, and there is a definite feeling of spring in the air. And somehow, suddenly, I am so much more inclined to write. Though before I give undue credit to spring (fantastic though it is) for my writing mood swing, I should probably also acknowledge the fact that I’m almost finished my second placement and therefore considerably less tired and stressed than I have been in a while.

B. and S.'s Engagement Rings

The wedding plans are coming along slowly but surely, though with only four months to go, we’re beginning to realise that we need to get things happening a little faster. Wedding dress fabric has now been bought and is safely in my mother’s hands, ready to be turned into beautiful dresses. S. and I are headed up to my parents’ in a few weeks for an extended weekend of sewing and dress fitting, which hopefully won’t be too stressful.

S.’s school holidays are rapidly approaching and we’ve got a few wedding goals to achieve before then, the big ones. Rings and invitations. Fortunately we’ve already designed our invitations (with some Help from S.’s creative sister), now all we have to do is hand make them, but with only 30 or so to do, it shouldn’t take too long. Rings, however, a proving a slightly more daunting task. Wedding dresses are hard enough to make decisions about, and you only wear them once, but a wedding ring, well (theoretically at least) you wear that for the rest of your life.  We’ll probably go for something similar to our engagement rings, in yellow gold for me, and white gold for S. We went for plain silver bands when we got engaged, as we just couldn’t find something with a stone that either of us liked. We’re not really diamond sort of girls, so we really weren’t keen on any of the engagement rings in the stores. When it comes to wedding rings I’m pretty adamant about wanting a plain band, and I think S. is pretty keen on that too, so that makes it a little easier at least.



3 thoughts on “A Wedding Update

  1. Aimee says:

    We’re undecided on rings too (although we do have longer to decide than you guys, but still!). I agree that they’re more important than which dress you’ll wear as, like you say, you wear them ‘forever’. I wanted us to have matching bands, but then I

  2. Aimee says:

    OOPS! I didn’t mean to hit enter. Ahem. So to continue… I was swayed by a band with diamonds, but now I am reconsidering that and leaning more towards matching bands once more. It’s a tough one alright!! :S


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