Celebrating Summer (Holidays)

It’s been a while since S. and I posted something on here. But it’s a new year and we have a  new goal  for Purple Magnolia. It’s pretty simple really – write more often! We’ve also acquired something new ipod touch apps to play with – instagram, picframe, coloursplash and camera+ so you can expect to see a lot more pictures appearing on the blog this year.


Anyway, on to this post’s theme.


Down here in the southern hemisphere we have our long holidays over the Christmas/New Year period – and being teachers, S. and I have a full 6 weeks off. Both our families live up north (the north of NZ that is) so we tend to spend 3 weeks between Christmas and new year with them. Here are some pics from our holidays.

S. and her sister made lanterns and and Christmas crackers for our Christmas celebration with S.’s family. Although neither we nor our families are particularly big on Christmas – it’s a lovely day to spend with family. The lanterns S. and her sister made are out of recycled tins covered in paper.


Of course it wouldn’t be a celebration without amazing food. The tradition for Christmas is that everyone makes one amazing dish for a late lunch.

Having spent a wonderful 10 days with S.’s family we headed off to see my family. It’s always so good to have time to spend with both sides of the family just hanging out and relaxing. We were able to catch up with friends and family while away, spend some time getting crafty, eating good food and getting out and about and exploring. Of course sometimes the exploring is as simple as your own backyard (or in this case, my mother’s backyard).

Making bread from scratch is not usually something I have the patience for, S. on the other hand is great at it.

Unfortunately New Year’s Eve was rather cloudy, so all we saw of the fireworks was a reddish blur. Not quite fireworks as such – but pretty all the same.

One of the great things about summer holidays is the number of fairs there are around and about the country. We checked out the Keltic Fair in Coromandel and I couldn’t resist snapping a picture of these gorgeous flags.

We were lucky enough to having my young cousin L. stay with us for a while. L., S. and I had such a great time making sock owls that L. and S. decided they needed to write a story about the owls. Here they are out in the garden taking photos for L.’s story.

The sock owls themselves.

Another great thing about being on holiday somewhere different is trying out the local cafes. The Driving Creek Cafe in Coromandel was far and away our favourite, set in a funky rammed earth house with beautiful gardens. Just gorgeous! The food was pretty good too.

We were lucky to have time to catch up with old family friends over delicious homemade pizza. And if you look carefully you’ll see the groovy white tile and stone coffee table my parents made hiding underneath all that delicious food!

So you’ve had a wee sneak peak into our holidays now. How were you yours?



3 thoughts on “Celebrating Summer (Holidays)

  1. Sarah says:

    A lovely holiday. Is that M and D’s garden with the ferns? It looks beautiful. We have had a gentle Christmas over here, with mum and dad and Don’s aunt (who lives in Bristol) at ours for games, conversation, wintery parkland strolls and a hearty Christmas lunch. No snow yet (though the kids have racing red sledges at the ready). With love and best wishes for a fantastic 2012, Sarah xxx

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