Life Lessons from the Women I Love

There are so many things I’ve learnt from the wonderful women in my life, some funny, some inspiring, some practical. Here are a few of the most perception-shifting things I’ve learned (mostly in recent years).

1. Tears are healing, especially ones of laughter (thanks for those genes, mum!).

2. It’s important to celebrate the rituals in your life – even birthdays!

3. There is a lot of peace to be found in ‘zen-ing’ the space you live/work in.

4. Cooking is more fun with company.

5. Buy clothes because they look good on you, not because they are in fashion.

6. Singing is good for the soul.

7. Zinc really does heal the skin.

8. Having faith in yourself will go a long way to achieving a goal.

9. Trusting to hope will take you the rest of the way towards achieving your goal – if it was meant to be.

10. Life is wonderful when you are in love.

11. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. There’s not much to be gained by struggling alone.

What big or small life lessons have you learnt from the women in your life?



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