Creating Sacred Space

As a druid, I work with the idea of ‘within and without’. For me, this encapsulates the body or physical life (without) and the mind/soul/spirit/heart or the spiritual/emotional life(within). I love this duality, and am increasingly learning to walk my spiritual path in the wider world. One of the interesting ways this has been manifesting for me lately is in the idea of mindfulness. To be aware with my heart and soul what my body is feeling and my senses experiencing.

I have recently finished Peter Fernando’s A Month of Mindfulness course. As part of the first week of practice, we were asked to Make Space – literally. We were asked to make a physical space for meditation. S. and I already have a spare room with a desk for writing and space for our yoga mats – a great space for meditation too, but I felt I wanted to create something more – something that was sacred and set aside.

One of the things I love about our house is that we have a lot of little places and spaces that speak to me of the sacred. As you can see in the picture above. For a long time, I felt that these spaces and places were enough to remind me of the sacred, but as I begin to deepen into a more authentic-feeling meditation practice I am beginning to desire a single place beside which I can meditate. A few weekends ago I finally made time to create this space for myself. What you can see in the picture below is my meditation altar. It’s on top of a bookshelf that is home to all our spiritual books. I have a beautiful Thai meditation pillow from Trade Aid, which I use when meditating.

I like to keep things simple, so I have worked with the white and yellow of early spring – Imbolc, it’s called in the druid tradition. I recently acquired the white statue of Kuan Yin the East Asian Buddhist goddess of compassion and mercy and the black buddha statue – both of which seem to radiate serenity and stillness – great qualities to have on a meditation altar. The glass vase was made  by a friend and the yellow candles of Brigid have travelled with me through many different homes in the last 6 or 7 years. The candle holder belongs to S. but she doesn’t seem to mind that I’ve borrowed it.

The two smaller pictures on the wall are from cards I found in an organic store in Auckland and again they speak to me of serenity and spirituality. The picture of the veiled goddess was one I drew. It’s there for several reasons – I like her serenity, I had never believed I could draw so to have drawn this was a reawakening in many ways, and she represents the sacred beauty I see in all life.

What about you? Do you have sacred spaces around the house?



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