How to… Make Your Own Soft Headbands

I’ve recently started getting crafty again – this time making headbands.

I posted some pictures on a facebook group I was part of and got asked when I was going to start selling them. While I was very flattered that people wanted to buy my creations I have no desire (nor time) to start selling my creations at this point in my life (never say never though right?), but I did promise I’d write a tutorial on how to make them. So here we go:


Soft Wide Fabric Headbands

(Unfortunately I don’t have pictures of the making process but it’s pretty straightforward).

You’ll need:

  • A sewing machine or overlocker or needle and thread (I used an overlocker)
  • 55cm of stretch fabric (for a small head) or 63cm of stretch fabric (for a bigger head)

(Note: I used stretch lace I found at the local fabric emporium, but you could use any sort of stretch fabric really)


  1. Cut your fabric to the right length.
  2. Decide whether you want to use your fabric at full width or half width. If you want to use half width fold the fabric in half lengthways.
  3. Now fold the fabric in half width-ways ensuring outer sides of material are facing inwards.
  4. Pin the edges together.
  5. Sew/stich/overlock along the cut ends of the fabric. You should now have a loop of fabric.
  6. Turn the loop inside and out hey presto! You’re finished.

I’ve also made my own fabric covered hard plastic headbands, but I’ll save those for another post.



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