How to…Make Your Own Hard Headbands

Well, it’s been a crafty few weeks here in the Purple Magnolia household, and what’s more, I’m getting so much better at documenting things as I do them. Today’s project is one I’m particularly proud of. It’s a follow up to the weekend’s post about making your own soft headbands.


We’re approaching the last weeks of term at school, and one of the things we are doing to round off the term is having Options Week. Options Week is a time for students to select something that interests them and learn a new skill. This term I am offering a crafty repurposing/upcycling workshop, so I’ve been busy trying to come up with crafts that will appeal to pre-teen boys and girls – one of these is making your own headbands.


DIY Hard Plastic Headbands


You’ll need:

A headband with a plastic inner (the one I’ve used is a plastic inner covered in fabric but you could use just straight plastic ones too) that has a shape you like.

Fabric you like – about 50cm by 15cm (printed cotton quilting fabric offers an awesome selection and is nicely sturdy).

Felt in a complimentary colour (a standard square is plenty).


Hot Glue (or fabric glue if you’re more patient than I am).



This is the original headband. The fabric was this hideous grey knobbly thing, but the inside was good.

1. Begin by slicing the fabric cover open on the underside of the headband.

2. Remove fabric so that you are left with just the inner plastic headband. Sometimes this involves a bit of a tug with the end pieces. It will look something like this:

The plastic inner headband, felt and fabric used.

3. Measure the width of the headband and allow 3cm on either side to fold around if it’s a wide headband, otherwise 1.5cm. Mark out fabric with the width. Using the headband itself to measure the length by rolling it across the fabric from end to end, mark out the length. Leave a bit extra on either end for folding.

4. Cut out the fabric.

5. Again using the rolling technique, measure the shape of the headband on the felt – this should be pretty much an exact trace. No need for folding allowances here.

6.  Cut out the felt, coming in slightly from your lines to make the piece a bit smaller than headband itself.

7. Using hot glue, attach the fabric to the top of the headband, like this:

Partially glued headband

8. Be sure to smooth the glue out as you go. Use an iceblock stick to do this (not your fingers – it gets very painful very fast as I discovered). Now beginning in the middle, one side at a time, fold the edges around to the bottom of the headband, gluing as you go.
9. Now for the hardest bit – making the ends tidy. The concept is basic – fold and glue. The trick to making it look tidy is to do the very tip first followed by the sides.

The headband minus the felt

10. Now you’re ready for the final step, gluing on the felt. Your piece of felt should be the same shape as the headband only a bit smaller. This piece will go over top of your messy edges and cover up any visible bits of glue. Starting in the middle use the hot glue to stick this down, brushing through the fabric smoothly out to the edges.

So, that’s easy enough right? And the results look awesome. Happy Crafting!




2 thoughts on “How to…Make Your Own Hard Headbands

  1. I just got them from a dollar store, but I had to hunt around a bit to find them. It depends I guess on what is in style at the time. These are still quite popular in New Zealand so easy to find.

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