A Week in Review

Tonight I am sitting in front of my computer feeling an interesting combination of relaxed and shattered. It’s Saturday and yesterday we finished a long term and somewhat exhausting term at school. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great term: my students had a blast creating their own country to represent in our two-week-long school olympics, the dance group I run performed so well and my class have had their most cooperative and engaged term yet, but I am so ready for a holiday.

One of the things I love about the end of term 3 is that we have options week, this is when the students get to choose an activity on offer that appeals to them. So this week I had two groups of about 20 girls crafting with me. The theme was redecorate your bedroom. Here are some of the awesome finished products:

Clockwise from top left: yarn balloons; ribbon letters; toilet roll art x2; bunting.

The other thing I love about the end of term 3 is that there are no reports to be written, so the term draws to a gentle close, rather than the manic panicked rush of terms 1, 2, and 4. This means that we have actually had time to get out and enjoy our weekends. Last weekend S. took me opshopping for the first time. There’s this brilliant shop called Savemart in NZ that is basically just a warehouse filled with good quality (affordable) second-hand clothing. I’d always been so resistant to the idea in the past, but I guess the eco-mindset really is starting to take hold.

I’m pretty small (an NZ size 6 and only 162cm) so I find it pretty hard to buy clothes in mainstream shops here (most places don’t stock clothes smaller than 8 or 10), and when I do find clothes that fit, they’re not often my style. So I was pleasantly surprised to find 8 wonderful spring items of clothing, that were exactly what I had been wanting to add to my wardrobe and were the right size:

Awesome opshopped finds

To top of a wonderful weekend S. and I went for a walk along the waterfront and to the fruit and vege market on Sunday, and while I forgot to snap pics of the market, I did take a couple of good ones of the waterfront:

Waterfront. Top: View of the harbour from City to Sea Bridge. Bottom: Wellington Writers’ Walk quote.

The quote at the bottom is part of the Wellington Writers’ Walk, an awesome blend of poetry, prose and sculpture – it’s my one of my favourite Wellington quotes. On the way back we happened to walk past a shop having a closing down sale and I was able to pick up some more great bargains for my summer wardrobe:

Spring bargain finds. The crisscrossed back top and the pink stripey one are for dance.

The skirt needs taking up, but that’s easy enough to do. Suffice to say, I had a great weekend and my wardrobe is now well stocked for the approaching warm season (when I say warm I mean 19 – 22 degrees C as opposed to 15 degrees – it’s warm by Wellington standards at least).


P.S. I’m on holiday now, and one of my projects to finish of the revitalisation of this blog so stay tuned!


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