Reasons to Dance

Ballet Feet

I recently saw a post over at the Adult Ballerina Project* listing some reasons why you should take ballet as an adult (see original post here). Reading through this got me thinking about my own reasons for dancing (I guess this kind of follows on from last week’s post. Anyway, without further ado, here are my reasons to dance as an adult:

  • Dance is dynamic physical activity. It uses all of your body at once and asks you to move in dynamic and physically demanding ways.
  • It’s very rarely static. It is unusual to hold positions for prolonged periods of time, so you are constantly moving, which I love. I struggle (but persevere) with yoga for this very reason.
  • The rhythm of dance classes builds gradually through warm up to often quite intense cardio beginning at the barre and moving through adage to allegro.
  • There is a universal language that dancers share, and (with a few dialect differences aside) it’s the same in any country.
  • It challenges you to master technique, character, and creativity and blend them together to create something beautiful.
  • It’s varied.
  • You get to listen to awesome music. (Okay I realise you can do this in other forms of exercise too).
  • Ballet has the best accessories. I’ll admit it, I love my dance clothing and my dance shoes – even my dance bag makes me happy!

What about you? If you dance why do you dance?



*The Adult Ballerina Project is a relatively new website/blog aimed at raising the profile of adults who choose to take ballet classes for personal enjoyment. It’s managed by the wonderful Kirsten Gillette (who writes Awkward at the barre – an entertaining adult ballet blog).


4 thoughts on “Reasons to Dance

  1. day17month11 says:

    In addition to all the great reasons above, I’d also say I love dancing because I learn so much about myself. Dancers, like all artists, are some of the most naked people in the world. Your style of dancing, your natural way of moving, your dedication, your will to put in the hours of practice that you need for improving, your shyness (or lack of it), it all shows in your dance.It’s one of the best ways to get to know yourself, and for others to get to know you. Beautiful blog btw!

  2. Anne-Marie says:

    I’m so delighted to hear you have returned to dance. I’ve recently got into hoopdancing. I’ve never been a physical person, so to find a physical activity I love and can actually do is wonderful. Hoopdancing is great fun, great exercise and a great way to express my creativity. What’s not to like??

    I’d love to see more dancing posts from you 🙂

  3. purplemagnolia says:

    Thanks Anne-Marie. I’ve been following your new blog, looks like and awesome thing to do. I used to do rhythmic gymnastics as a kid, so I can imagine that hoopdancing is lots of fun (though I know rhythmic gym is quite different). I’m really enjoying dance, it’s good to be back to it.

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