Homemade Placemats: An Engagement Present


One of my friends at school recently got engaged. A couple of weekends ago she had her engagement party. Having been the first of our friends to get engaged and married, we haven’t really been to all that many engagement parties lately, so I wasn’t sure what I was going to give this friend and her husband-to-be. I struggle with engagement presents at the best of time, so it took me a while to work out what I was going to give her.

An individual finished placemat.

My friend is still flatting so she doesn’t have much of her own kitchenware yet, so I knew I wanted to get that sort of thing. Both she and fiancée love to cook and enjoy hosting people too so if I could tie it in with that somehow so much the better. I could have given her pots and pans and ‘useful things’ but I know there’ll be plenty of other people who will do that. I also know that when you are a young couple first setting up house, pretty things are usually at the bottom of the shopping list, so that’s precisely what I decided to give her. Well, pretty but useful.

The set of 4 double-sided placemats.

I brought some heavy cotton drill fabric (a metre was plenty for four placemats) in a funky black and white pattern, and made a set of 4 placemats (they’re doubled over so you can use either side). I love the boldness of the black and white. Not to mention the fact that I know it will go with almost anything.

Placemats and mugs all packaged up.

My friend loves green so I brought 4 matching green mugs and then had fun packaging it all up. I’d seen the roll and ribbon done with onesies for a baby shower, so thought I’d try it with the placemats.

I was really pleased with how the gift turned out and it was one of the easiest gifts I’ve given recently.

What would you give a young couple? Practical or pretty?



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