Spring Love – Postcards from the Botanic Gardens

Well spring has well and truly sprung here in Wellington and although I wouldn’t call it my favourite season (Autumn wins that hands down) it is gorgeous when all the flowers come out. We spent a lovely afternoon wandering through the botanic gardens taking pictures earlier this week when my parents were visiting. Here are some highlights:

I love these windswept tulips – visually so much more interesting that the upstanding ones.


I just love magnolias, which you probably already knew if you’ve ever stopped to read the title of this blog.


I dream of walking through a meadow like this – unfortunately the gardeners at the botanic gardens frown on people dancing through their garden beds.


The magnolias were just so simply beautiful and understated.


I just love Japanese Maple trees.


Lavender love


Tiptoe through the poppies


All bar the last photo were taken while playing with my mother’s new Canon DSLR 70D, which I’m so in love with. The last was taken as per usual with my trusty Canon Powershot SX10IS.


Has Spring (or Autumn for those readers in the Northern Hemisphere) sprung yet for you?




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