Life is Good

I always seem to finish each summer with lofty aspirations for what this blog will be, what we will turn it into. Which is great; you know, there’s nothing wrong with aiming high, except that I always forget to take into account the fact that I work full time (in a wonderful, but often demanding job), and that I dance, and that I’m married and actually all of these things take time. Time that I then don’t spend blogging.

And I always forget just how busy the beginning of school is, what with parent barbeques and meet the teacher evenings, all the work to get the class set up and running smoothly, epic amounts of marking, and of course camp. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy all of these things, mostly. I just never remember to factor in how much time and mental space and energy they take from other things that I want to do.

The consequence of all this has of course been that I have been most remiss in blogging of late, so I thought it high time I got my act together and posted a wee update.

As you can see the term has got off to a racing start, for both S. and I actually. But I’m very much enjoying my class and my school so far (even more so than last year I think), and I get the impression S. is as well. I’m dancing 3 nights a week with 1 advanced technique class for ballet, 1 contemporary rehearsal and 1 advanced ballet rehearsal. We’ve got a show coming up in the holidays so rehearsals are keeping me occupied.

S. and I continuing to nurture our plans for a family, as well as cultivating a space that we enjoy spending time in. We’ve been lucky to have a stunningly fine and warm summer, so we’ve been out and about most weekends making the most of the different events happening around the city, which has been lovely. And we’ve had lots of wonderful opportunities to catch up with friends lately.

So all in all, life is good.


P.S. There are more posts in the wings, so stay tuned!


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