(Not-so) Guilty Pleasures

I have to start with a confession – I watch Glee. It’s one a very small handful of TV programmes I watch online.

Okay, that over and done with I can get on with the topic for this post – guilty pleasures. Actually the reason Glee is so related to this is that their last episode was all about guilty pleasures and it got me thinking about my own.

To be honest I don’t have many, not ones I feel particularly guilty about. I’ve never really bought into the whole ‘guilt’ thing. There are things I enjoy doing that I’m perhaps a bit reluctant to share, but do I actually feel guilty for these? Well, no. Not really, because I try to do them in moderation.

I’m a great believer in moderation, and I think mostly I do an okay job at it. I think part of it comes from having a short attention span – I often get bored of things before I overindulge in them. It’s useful really.

I think my not-so guilty pleasures are actually a good thing, they’re an outlet for the busy-ness of the day, a chance to relax and unwind. So today instead of feeling guilty about them (even some of my guilty music pleasures which S. very definitely believes I should keep hidden, or at least not play around her), I’m going to be grateful for the outlet they provide me.

Here are some of my top Not-So Guilty Pleasures:

1. Nutella Hot Chocolate 

2. Gilmore Girls

3. Anything Harry Potter (including Pottermore)

4. Watching DVD musicals

5. Music with a good dance beat (even if it’s a bit terrible)

6. Listening to pop-opera singers Amici Forever (S. particularly dislikes this pleasure of mine to the point where I’ve been banned from playing it in her general vicinity)

7. Playing songs I love on repeat ad nauseam

8. Looking through dance catalogues

9. Eating fancy cheese (unless it’s blue)

10. Reading multiple books (currently I’m part way through 10 – though only actively reading 3)

I’m getting my wisdom teeth out soon and that means several days of recovery at home afterwards so I think this list may be getting a good workout.

What are your guilty or not-so guilty pleasures?



4 thoughts on “(Not-so) Guilty Pleasures

  1. Anne-Marie says:

    Oh dear. I wish you hadn’t told me about Nutella hot chocolate. Now I’m just going to have to go to the supermarket and … buy some Nutella!!

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