Recipe – Baked Brie

I love cheese. No seriously, I really love cheese. Especially the fancy kind.

At this particular moment I’m not eating any since I am recovering from having my wisdom teeth out a couple of days ago. In fact I’m not eating much really, but that hasn’t stopped me thinking about what I will be eating once I can manage to open my jaw properly. And this is definitely on the list!

I first came across a similar idea on pinterest towards the end of last year. Unfortunately the recipe I found was very American and used things I’d never even heard of, much less been able to find in New Zealand. So I created my own version of this recipe and it really is one of my favourite things to make for parties. It went down very well at Christmas.


1 Sheet of Flaky Puff Pastry

1 Small-ish round of Brie Cheese  (Camembert would also work well)

Relish of some sort


If you’re going to put relish in this, which I haven’t in the photos below, you need to first spread the pastry sheet with relish.

Then place the round of cheese in the middle of the pastry sheet and cut a rough circle around it about 8cm from the outer edge of the round of cheese.

Cut lines about 1cm apart around the edge of the cheese, these should resemble rays of sun radiating from a central point.


So that you don’t end up with excess pastry, thin out the top of the strands as in the picture above.


Now fold the edges of these strips of pastry up and over the top of the cheese. You may need to remove excess pastry as you go.


They will start to overlap, giving the cheese the distinctive shape.


Everything going according to plan, the cheese should now look like this:


Now you need to take a fork and poke holes in the sides of the pastry to let out any air while it cooks. This also stops the pastry bursting open. You also need to put a cross through the top of the wrapped cheese as well.


I like to decorate the top of mine with any scraps of pastry that are left over.


Bake until the pastry is cooked and serve hot.

Happy eating.



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