Into the Third Trimester

I started this post as a second trimester update, only to discover that my brain is fully convinced that last trimester was too long ago and only third trimester issues matter now! This is pretty indicative of my mental capacity at the moment, and I still have 3 weeks of teaching left… (I do feel sorry for my students some days!)

It’s been pretty handy that the trimesters of this pregnancy have matched the school terms fairly closely, in terms of remembering when things have happened. I definitely noticed that last term/trimester felt significantly easier than the weeks before and after! It was as if I had a sudden surge of energy and came back to full capacity after a few months of feeling less-than-stellar. The beginning of the second trimester saw us tackling the nursery like we had a fast approaching deadline – it became slightly embarrassing to admit how early in the pregnancy we got everything completed! Or almost completed, at any rate. I even used power tools in my quest to get it all done!!

However, we had a few blips along the way. In Week 16, I had some sudden sharp pains in my stomach, right behind my belly button that was thought to be a hernia at first – hence the early scan that revealed our son’s gender before we had expected to find out. It wasn’t until the following week (after the scan showed that all my internal organs and other parts of my body appeared to be fine) that it was suggested and later confirmed that my stomach muscles were to blame! They had parted company from each other, which is not uncommon apparently, but a bit earlier than usual. (I’m sure it has something to do with my distinct lack of stomach muscles or core strength…) It took me a while to find out how to deal with the pain on bad days (like when the wee guy had sharp or large bits of his anatomy badly positioned) but I was eventually sent a couple of TubiGrip stretchy bands to wear. Having a tight band around your growing abdomen requires a bit of an adjustment, but it’s been very effective.

I’ve also had some pain in my pelvic bones, which has me walking around school like an old lady some days, nighttime cramps in my calves, and a couple of weeks of really low blood pressure (thankfully, that passed without any fainting in front of students!). And of course the usual third trimester complaints of constant heartburn and tiredness have made themselves known too. I felt justified in indulging in a bit of mild, sarcastic backchat to my immediate (male, middle-aged) boss last week, when he complained that he was tired from waking in the middle of the night. Once! On just one night! (My longest stretch of sleep without needing to get up is around 4.5 hours)

Even though the discomforts loom large in my mind sometimes, the pay off of having such a healthy, strong wee bubba growing inside me and making his presence more and more known is more than enough. His kicks are powerful enough to rock my whole belly, especially when I’m lying down, and he responds to his mama’s voice when B. talks to him šŸ™‚ We’re so looking forward to meeting him in what feels like just a few weeks now!



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