Living Authentically

Lately I’ve been feeling the pull. To write more. To connect. To grow. To share.

This blog has seen me through some many ages and stages and now it is us. As I family. Me, S. and T. I’m still figuring out what us looks like and how I share that with the world.

I think blogging is a process of consciously creating yourself. A way of sifting through your life and choosing the pieces to set on the mantlepiece. Sometimes I worry to much about what I write that I don’t write. So this year, this blog is going to be authentically me. Authentically us. No edits. Just real life. In all it’s messy, chaotic, divine madness.

I want to write more. I want to connect with other people through my writing and most of all I want to share.

Here’s to an authentic 2014.


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