Capturing your Essence

I recently saw this question somewhere on the internet:

If you could take one photograph to capture your essence which one would it be and why?

And I knew straight away which photo I’d choose:


S. took this photo two years ago when we went to Queenstown in Autumn. It’s just such a me picture for lots of reasons. For starters it’s a season I love, I’m wearing some of my favourite clothes and I’ve got a scarf on. (Actually on a side note, some of my students once told me that if they were going to parody me they’d just need to wear a cardigan and a scarf – apparently I’m that predictable in Autumn and Winter). But primarily I love this because of the faint half smile I know is on my face because I’m dancing. I love the wild abandon I can see in my body as I danced among the leaves. I may not have been perfect, but it was perfection because it was spontaneous and unplanned and beautiful.

What would your one picture be?



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