Beautiful World

It’s a beautiful world that we live in and sometimes it’s good to stop and appreciate it.

wanaka trees

Beauty is…

My love sleeping softly.

A swift sunrise over Wellington harbour.

My mother’s tears of joy when we see each other for the first time since I left home.

Autumn leaves crunching under my feet.

My baby brother the day he was born.

The blue outline of Kapiti Island from a friend’s window.

Autumn leaves in the sunlight.

A 13,000 strong candle-lit procession in memory of a life and a movement dedicated to helping others.

An empty space for dancing.

Ideas taking life.

My father’s hands building things.

My grandmother’s knowing smile.

My littlest cousin dancing.

My son’s twinkling eyes and his disarming smile.

A deserted beach before a storm.

The sight of home after a long time away.


What are the most beautiful things you’ve ever seen?



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