A Few of His Favourite Things

It’s been fascinating watching Little Bear interact with his world and learn how it all works. He has developed very clear preferences about activities and toys!

Without further ado, a few of his current/recent favourites:


His job is to push the buttons at the start of the cycle (and only then!!) – he also gets very excited at the sound of the spinning and the water, and makes ‘pshishing’ noises and ’round and round’ signs whenever he hears the washing machine in action.


Cars and trucks are a big theme at the moment, and this beauty allowed us our first family meal out in months! Thanks, Joe’s Garage!


These gorgeous cars deserve their own blog post, to be honest – they’re Poppa-made!


Watching for cars and trucks (“druck!”) is equally important as playing with them.


Outdoors = bliss (especially with an added ball to chase!)


Vakoom! The mightiest of friends! A little intimidating when in action, but fascinating when quiet and still.


We’ve got the “hello, hello!” response down pat ๐Ÿ™‚



Slides are for climbing as well as sliding, right?


Making smoothies for Mama to take to work. He can’t get enough of kitchen appliances. How is he big enough to stand on a stool and do this??



And finally, this guy. Ted. Most favourite and beloved. Always a bit soggy too. Don’t know what we’d do without him.



4 thoughts on “A Few of His Favourite Things

  1. pepibebe says:

    Cute wee fella!! Looks like you were about to make asparagus rolls lol. I noticed as it was my Gran’s funeral today and they served asparagus rolls at afternoon tea – her absolute fav!

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