For S.

Sometimes it’s hard to start, hard to know where to begin. My mind is too full, too full of all the good things. And there is so much in my life that is good right now. It has been such a full year.

My son is growing, he’s big and strong and loves music and loves dancing. My professional work as a teacher is challenging but rewarding. And my dance centre is growing.

There has been a lot of change this year, and a lot of hard work, and that’s never easy, but through it all one thing has been constant and that is the strength of S. She’s my everything. The person I call home. The only one I want to wake up next to. A beautiful woman and an inspiring mother. Crafty, and creative and hard working. Kind, funny and brave.

I love watching her with T. Seeing the two of them snuggled up reading books. I love seeing the happiness she gets from making things and looking after our house so beautifully while I’m at work.

She never ceases to inspire me and I am so grateful that she and T. are my family. They are my everything, filling my days and nights with so much love.

I am so blessed.



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