Market Love

I’ve always loved markets. From the most exotic and chaotic to the ordinary and everyday, they provide an awesome opportunity to take photos – something I love doing!

We are lucky in Wellington to have so many fruit and vege markets, including one just down the road from us. We regularly go to the markets and it usually costs us between $15 – $20 for a week’s worth of fruit and vege for our family.

Of course, summer is great too for markets. We spend time with both sets of parents both in the cities they live and at their beach houses. One of our favourite fruit and vege markets to go to is the Matakana Market north of Auckland. It has a great atmosphere with live music, and a lot of artisan products and cooked food stalls.

The Keltic Fair, held once a year in Coromandel is also another favourite. Although much less trendy than the Matakana Market, it has fantastic live music, awesome stalls and of course amazing food.

The Harbourside Market in Wellington is also a fantastic market – not only fruit and vege but also excellent food stalls too. The German sausage is my favourite, but the churros are pretty good too.

We’ve also been planning to get back to the Hill St Market in the new year, which we have’t been to in a couple of years.



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