The Choices we Make

“Forget success.

Make it your mission to be brave.

Forget your job title.

Listen for your callings.

Forget wealth.

Learn to live well in your place.

Forget marketing.

Find and tell the stories that will heal you.

Forget popularity.

Let yourself love foolishly.

This is what the world needs from you.”

Marianne Elliott

We make choices, all day, every day. Many of them small and inconsequential, often made without even really thinking about. But there are also choices we make that are bigger – the kind of choices that alter our lives.

The way we make choices stems from our beliefs and values – what is important to us. And, of course, our choices determine our reality.

If you had asked me 10 years ago whether I thought I’d be a teacher, married with a child at 26, I’m not sure I would have believed it. Even 7 years ago it would have been a fairly radical notion. But in 2009, I made a choice – to be brave, to trust in love and to do what made me happy. And that was falling in love with S., getting engaged and then married, and the finally starting our family in 2013.

I made another choice in 2009 too, I decided not to pursue the academic or humanitarian/policy career my Masters Degree was leading me to, alluring as those choices were. I decided to do the thing that made me happy, and that is teaching. I realised that working in an office would take me away from the very people I wanted to work with. I didn’t want to make decisions about people or research them, I wanted to work with them.

At the time, it felt like a brave choice, to walk away from the expectations everyone else had and choose what I wanted, what I needed to do. In hindsight now, it doesn’t feel brave, it feels necessary. My life is so much richer than it was before I met S. and I love my work as a teacher. It is such a privilege to work with young people, helping them discover their place, tell their stories and uncover their talents.

It may not be the high powered ‘successful’ career that others expected of me, or that I expected of myself, but it makes me so happy. I can’t imagine any other place I’d want to be.



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