Family Holidays

Family is really important to us, and we’re very lucky that we are able to have big long summer holidays together every year (thanks teaching profession). Our usual pattern is to head north every year for a good 3 or so weeks and spend time with each set of parents at their beach houses. We really are so very lucky to be able to do this. It’s a lovely time filled with family and fun. We’re currently still on holiday, with another week to go, but I though I’d share a few snaps of our holidays so far:


Water play on the deck. T. absolutely loves this!


Are you okay tiger?


Hanging Christmas tree decorations.


Christmas Day is for tasty food!


Card games with my bestest cousin.


Summer is for paddling pools! And seriously, how cute is this rash suit?!


Exploring with mummy (S.).


We found ourselves a hippie baby!


Riding the train!

I hope your holidays have been as lovely as ours have been so far.



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