DIY Computer Cupboard

My parents have this beautiful rimu computer cupboard that unfolds into a computer desk when you open the doors. Inspired by this S. and I decided to have a go at creating our own.


We scoped out the local antique stores and op shops and finally found our ideal cabinet. Bringing it home was a bit of a mission, but with the help of some friends and their trailer we got it home, then it was time to get to work.


After a little bit of sanding inside and out, we enlisted the help of S.’s dad and brother who were down visiting to put in a desk height tray and a pull out keyboard tray. The cupboard was originally a free standing wardrobe so they pulled out the hanging bar at the top for us too. We kept the drawer unit that was inside though – it’s very useful.

IMG_1685The doors were originally a dirty creamy colour so after sanding we painted them a crispy bright white along with the table and keyboard surfaces. We liked the original door handles so decided to keep them. Having tried a few options with the back of the cabinet we opted for patterned fabric as a background to add a splash of colour. Once painting was complete this was then tucked down the back of the desk surface.

IMG_1683Here’s the finished product:


We put up pin up boards on each side and letter holders to sort out and organise our papers (we have a side each), below is mine:


It’s fantastic to use, serves our purpose perfectly, and best of all keeps our computer shut away when we’re not using it.



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