Holidays Continued

We’re nearing the end of a wonderful 3 and a half weeks away on holiday with our respective families. It’s been really lovely, so I thought that following on from our last post, it was time for another photo update.


T. has been loving spending time in the paddling pool. We also managed a couple of sea swims too – but didn’t get any pictures unfortunately.


It was lovely to have a chance to visit my 92 year old Gran – T.’s Great Gran – while we were up north. T. was quite taken with her wheelchair!


The playground – this slide in particular – was a huge hit!


We’ve all really enjoyed spending time with S.’s siblings – T.’s already working on his aunty and uncles’ names (and stealing their shoes!).


The motorbike has also been a huge hit too! Plus it’s been lovely having the warmth and space for T. to scoot around.


Huts, of course, are a must for every holiday. It’s amazing what you can do with a few pieces of fabric and a washing line!


S. and T.


T. and me


T. has developed a new appreciation for smelling the flowers. Still working on actually giving them to people though!


Perhaps a drummer in the making?


Love me some cars and trucks.


Our days have been filled with awesome food and wonderful people, and some exploring in Cornwall Park while picnicing with friends.


Taking T. to the pools for the first time too was also definitely a highlight. I think we have a water baby in our midst!

IMG_5483Dancing too, has also become a favourite passtime. His uncles have been teaching him all kinds of new moves!

IMG_5319The beach of course was absolutely gorgeous. I love this shot – so classically kiwi summer!

IMG_5360The pohutukawa were in full bloom too, all the way along the beach.

IMG_5259There were tasty treats – including homemade kumara cake with cream cheese icing – Yum!

IMG_5420We even managed to sneak off – just the 3 of us – for a tasty lunch at the Matakana Market Kitchen.

IMG_5395This was, naturally, followed by the requiste play on the playground. Mama too (that’s me).

IMG_5265And I managed to get two wonderful sunset runs along the beach in and a glorious sunset swim!

It has been a great 3.5 weeks, we fly back to Wellington tomorrow with lots of memories, reenergised and ready for a busy year (but that’s a whole other blog post).



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