Springtime with Family

The school holidays are still a highlight of our lives – counting down the weeks to family time – and these ones just been have been particularly lovely.

B.’s parents came to visit us in the first week, and then we visited my family in Auckland in the second week, and we’ve had many a springtime experience!

I’ve been hanging on to Easter goodies since April, and it was literally a dream come true to bring them out for a wee spring celebration for T. He had an egg hunt in the backyard, finding empty plastic ones and vintage-style egg tins, which I filled with egg shaped musical shakers, two homemade finger puppets (a bunny and a chicken) and a chocolate bunny (his first!)

IMG_3344IMG_2082IMG_2081IMG_2083IMG_2084The weather also made the shift to spring at last, so there was lots of play and work outside, especially gardening with the expert help of B.’s mum.

IMG_2151IMG_0635 IMG_0636Up in Auckland, the weather was even better – and one morning at the Viaduct and Wyndham Quarter on the waterfront felt like visiting another country, it was so balmy!

IMG_0695 IMG_0687 IMG_0693 IMG_0702We also spent time at both the Auckland Domain and Cornwall Park, two beautiful green spaces that were a huge part of my childhood and remain the places I miss most. Requisite tree hugging was accomplished with enthusiasm, as well as bird chasing, lamb spotting and general romping.

IMG_8875 IMG_8880 IMG_8873 IMG_8879 IMG_8876 IMG_8889IMG_8884

Wishing you all a happy spring!



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