Gratitude and Sunshine

Well, it has been a while since my latest post. And we are well and truly into the wild spring weather. Beautiful one day, bitterly cold the next, and of course the ever present spring winds come to play almost daily too. Our house is zoned for high wind, and my goodness can you feel it this Spring. As the year starts to draw closer to its end, I can feel the rushing madness of life all too acutely, so I’ve been trying hard to find moments to revel in the sacred space of home and hearth. Here a few of the moments I’m grateful for caught on (my new) camera:






















Our backyard is still such a work in progress, but it s just so lovely to have space for T. to run around, and S. to plant her vegetables. T. loves dragging those tires around and climbing and jumping on them. And of course we all love the view! There is so much happening in our garden too that I want to share, as well as my process of harvesting and drying calendula flowers, but I’ll save those for another post.



One thought on “Gratitude and Sunshine

  1. Anne Conroy says:

    Finding balance at this time of year is a challenge – thank you for sharing your lovely photos 🙂

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