A (very) full life.


There are times during the year, where everything seems to pile up. The reality of teaching full time, running a dance school, being mum to my beautiful boy and of course spending time with my wife can seem like a lot. Probably because it is a lot. I love my full life. I love all the things in my life, but sometimes I wish there was a little more time.


I’ve been quite busy and stressed at work lately; and, having realised that I don’t always make the most nurturing choices for myself when I’m stressed, I’ve been actively trying to create time and make space for the things that are important for me.


Here are a few of the things I’ve been doing lately to help myself feel a little less stressed:

  • Going to bed early with a book
  • Finding things I can delegate at work and asking for help
  • Making time to meditate – I love Buddhify on my walk to/from work and Phillip Carr-Gomm’s Wild Wisdom meditations in the evenings.
  • Getting my knitting needles back out.
  • Talking to S.
  • Playing, romping and snuggling with T. (We both really benefit from physical contact with each other.)
  • Taking time to sit on the couch with a hot chocolate once T. has gone to bed.

I’m also going to be joining Susannah Conway’s April Love, so hopefully that will inspire a bit more writing too.






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