What Enough Isn’t

I’ve written here about choosing ‘enough’ in my professional life and about living with ‘enough’ in the past month, but today I want to write about what ‘enough’ isn’t.

Enough isn’t missing out.

Some people might look at my life and see the things I don’t have. We don’t go away on flash holidays or have the latest gadgets, or buy new wardrobes each season. It’s just not something we value. And while we might not be in a position to travel overseas (which we would like to do one day, especially since I haven’t done much of it) right now, that’s okay, because right now it’s not a priority and there is so much time for adventures like that later, when T. is old enough to appreciate them (or old enough to be left at home).

Enough isn’t asceticism.

Enough doen’t mean living like a monk and giving up material possessions – we still have plenty. We just try to only have things we need and love – and we are not just talking bare essentials here. It’s just about acquiring things that will last and repairing and mending, and not having more than we need. It’s also not bare walls and a lack of furniture – that’s just not a feasible way to live.

Enough isn’t giving up, surrendering or quitting the mainstream.

Although sometimes embracing a philosophy of enough does mean letting go, it’s not about abandoning the mainstream and moving to a commune or a farm in the middle of nowhere. It’s about making deliberate choices to cultivate the parts of our culture and society we love and to mitigate those we don’t.

Enough isn’t thoughtless.

Enough is the complete opposite – it’s never a blanket no to things and experiences. It’s a deliberate, thoughtful and measured approach to new things and an ongoing reflection on the things we have and the choices we are making – always asking the question – is this right for us? Is this enough or is this too much?

Enough isn’t flashy.

Enough is understated, it’s not about taking the world by storm, or making sure your name is up in lights, it’s about doing what fulfills you, because it fulfills you.



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