Urban Homestead Update

How is it that a month flies by so quickly at the moment? September is always a busy month for me outside of the home, and so it’s always nice when we hit the school holidays and things can slow down for a bit. With so much energy focused outwards lately, it is taking me some deliberate work to slow down and reconnect inwards again.
Unfortunately I haven’t really had a chance to get out in the garden much, though I have noticed that both the regular sage and the white sage have had plenty of new spring growth and the calendulas are blooming and ready for the first harvest. These calendulas have grown from last seasons’ seeds harvested in Autumn and then replanted in late Winter. I’m planning on getting a second round in again soon, as these started blooming a lot earlier than I expected.
We are not having much luck with our attempted seed bed so we are back to the drawing board on this one. I’m so keen to get the seeds going but I think we need to find a way to create a damper and more moist environment for them, as they seem to be drying out to fast. Having done a bit of reading, I think I am going to try pre-sprouting seeds indoors and get T. involved in the process too.
Even my knitting seems to have slowed down a little bit lately, and despite being a little over it, I am valiantly trying to use up the last of my cotton to knit a few more dish cloths. I’m definitely looking forward to a new project – I think this one will be next, now that I have a bit more time.
We now seem to be quite definitely into Spring, each day I am noticing the earth’s gradual warming and seeing the signs of spring in the trees and plants around me. On Saturday we celebrated the Spring Equinox (a week later) with friends out at Battle Hill Reserve and it was just truly beautiful – I’m yet to download the camera, but once I do, I’ll put up some pictures and a wee write up about it.

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