Celebrating Spring Equinox

A couple of days ago, we had a beautiful Spring Equinox celebration with a few other families out at Battle Hill Farm Park. Battle Hill Farm Park is a new discovery for us this year and it’s quickly become one of our favourite places. A regional park that still functions as a working farm, Battle Hill also has spaces for camping, beautiful walks and idyllic views – and, probably most importantly for T., it also has eels and places to light bonfires.


We were joined by two other families (three more couldn’t make it at the last minute sadly) for a picnic, bonfire and treasure hunt. For all that we love our druid community, it’s not always the right space for children’s activities and rituals so for the last few years we’ve been holding our own Samhain for our children – they call it a spooky party – and this year decided we wanted to do more. This was our first Spring Equinox together and it was just magical. S. and I have often done egg hunts around our garden with T. but it was so lovely to enjoy Spring together in a different way.

We began the day with a picnic which somehow rapidly turned into 3 boys in the (freezing cold) stream playing bridges and dams and all those other fun things kids love to do in shallow streams.


This was followed by wood gathering and bonfire making and then it was time for the Egg Hunt. We have a handful of tin and some plastic eggs that we reuse each year to hide treats in. This year we added in puzzle pieces that the children had to collect and solve together. Egg hunting and puzzle solving over it was time for marshmallows on the bonfire.


It was such an enjoyable day, and so lovely to spend time in the company of like minded families and in such an enjoyable place. I managed to sneak off with my camera for a bit too. Although in looking at the photos afterwards, they don’t quite capture the magic of the forest and stream – I guess you just had to be there. It was all very pretty though – even the gorse!


We finished the day at home with a clues based treasure hunt around the house for some chocolate goodies for T. (who always very loving and surprisingly obligingly shares them with me).

Spring blessings to you all.



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