Blog Revamp: On being (more) myself

Kia ora all!

If you’ve just stumbled across this blog, welcome! And if you’ve been here for years – kia ora! You might have noticed that I’ve given the blog a wee bit of a revamp (or you maybe not if you’re reading this on an RSS reader). To be perfectly honest, it was time. This blog is eight years old – I started it just after S. and I got engaged and now our son T. is nearly five (anyone else every wonder where the years vanish to?). This blog has seen a lot of change in our lives, and both S. and I have enjoyed chronicling that here, but life feels a bit different now and wanted to update the blog to reflect that.


We’ve got a new name (same URL though) – Purple Magnolia Cottage – it’s a nod to our former name – Under the Purple Magnolia Tree – but also a fresh take on it and a bit more reflective of our lives. When we bought our house 3.5 years ago we named it Pine Cottage as it is a) a tiny cottage b) pretty cute and c) right under a pine tree (yes, yes we are super original), and so our new name is also a nod to where we are now. Purple Magnolia Cottage captures our current journey in becoming urban homesteaders but also the crafty goodness that we love and our connection to nature. We also have a new logo and a fresh design on the blog too – both of which feel a bit more modern and clean.


It’s always nice to have an update, it feels good – a little fresher and a bit more me. Which bring to another change to the blog, I’ve been enjoying writing a lot, and have reached the point where I want to own what I write and use my name on the blog. S. prefers a degree of anonymity, so while she’ll remain S., I thought I’d properly introduce myself – I’m Brie. For now, I’m the one doing most of the writing, but I’m sure S. will pop in from time to time. It’s nice to be more myself and share a little bit more of what we are doing. So often I compartmentalise the little bit crunchy/slightly hippie part of myself that I think sometimes I miss out on making really valuable connections with people – but here I am at 30, ready to own it.


So where to next for Purple Magnolia Cottage? So glad you asked – along with a fresh look, I’ve also got some plans. We’ll be refocusing on living sustainably and intentionally – so expect to see more writing on that. We’ll continue to write about our journey as we explore urban homesteading and of course there will undoubtedly be the odd feminist thought too.  I’m also working on some resources for celebrating the seasons with children, which I hope to be able to share a sneak peek of soon. We’re also building an Etsy shop, where you’ll be able to purchase our seasonal guides and possibly some other goodies. And of course, I’m also in Instagram @purplemagnolia and so is S. @purplemagnoliatree.

I’d love to hear what you think of the new look and feel free to drop us any questions.


Brie (wow it feels so nice to be more than just a single letter!)




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