In the Garden | Cottage Update

Once again, today the sun is shining and of course, it’s windy out. We’ll likely spend the day tucked up inside as both as S. and T. have colds. There’s been a lot of that these past few months, and, given the state of the world, there’s really nothing for it but to hunker down and keep your germs at home. Still, there’s no doubt that’s been particularly tough on S. as she’s the one stuck at home.

As we are right on the cusp of Spring, the days are lengthening and we alternate between gloriously sunny and bitterly cold, and sometimes both! Here in Wellington, it’s a tempestuous time of year and just like every year, the good weather and warmer temperatures we had for a few days in the past weeks fooled me into thinking the coldest days had passed. I’ve lived here 13 years and still the weather tricks me every time. Now that I’ve said it out loud, maybe this year will be the last!

While the mornings have been frosty, the peach tree is also showing it’s first hint of blossoms which just illustrates what a time of paradoxes this point of the year is. I’m going to celebrate the (second to) last day of Winter today by planting my new rose – a heritage variety, Frau Dagmar Hastrup, purchased from South Pacific Gardens. I am looking forward to the late Summer blossoms and the hips come Autumn. As I am wont to do, I spent a bit of time researching this rose before I bought it. I’ve wanted a rose for years and I decided it was finally time. Frau Dagmar Hastrup is a rugosa rose, which means it’ll do well in a windy climate. It also has an usual look and is a little more understated than some roses which I like. The final selling point though, was the fact that it gets good autumnal colouring, something I firmly feel there is not enough of in Wellington.

I’m hoping it will do well in the garden. I’ve never been a strong gardner, but a few weeks ago – probably in line with the surging pre-Spring energy – I woke up and realised how ‘busy’ I’d gotten and therefore how disconnected from the garden I’d become. So I’m trying to make more of an effort to reconnect, and to slow down and appreciate the little moments of Spring. And to be honest, it’s bringing me a lot of peace, which in many ways is much needed at the moment. This year has been tough for everyone and last year was personally quite tough for me, so it’s nice to take a step back and find little ways to embrace slow even while still living my busy suburban working life.

Anyway, I’d best get into the garden.



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