Slow Spiced Hot Chocolate

If you’ve been reading the blog lately you’ll probably have figured out that I’m working pretty hard on making a conscious effort to slow down and enjoy having ‘enough’. There is one thing though that I find it hard to have enough of somedays and that is hot chocolate. I’m not a coffee drinker or really a bar of chocolate kind of girl, but I really love a good hot chocolate. Admittedly, this often ends up being a quick microwave job but I have been trying lately to stop using the microwave and to make it (nearly) from scratch on the stove top. Sure, it takes bit longer, but it’s soooo much tastier!


I even converted my mother, who subsequently requested the recipe. Since it was a bit of stove-top chemistry with quantities, I’ve had a bit of play and managed to nail it down. Of course measuring spoons very rarely come into it when I make it, but it’s good to have a guide. So given that I’d already written it all down, I thought I’d also share it here on the blog. It makes a very warm, fairly rich and dark hot chocolate that isn’t too sickly sweet.


Stove Top Spiced Hot Chocolate (Makes 1 Cup)


1 Cup of Rice Milk or other milk of your choice

2 heaped tsp of Hot Chocolate Powder (I love Trade Aid Drinking Chocolate as it is fair trade/ethically sourced, not too sweet and the profits go straight back to the workers who make it).

1/3 tsp of Vanilla Essence (ideally the real stuff not the fake essence)

A pinch of Ginger (or more to taste)

1/3 tsp of Cinnamon (or more to taste)

(Optional – a pinch of chilli powder)


Heat Milk on stove from cold, add cinnamon and vanilla essence straight away and stir through. When milk has heated to the point where you can feel heat coming off it but not yet see steam, add ginger (and chilli if desired). When you can see steam rising from the surface of the milk add hot chocolate powder and stir through. Keep stirring occasionally until milk reaches desired drinking temperature. (If you are super organised you might have a cooking thermometer to check this – I am not that person, so I usually check by taking out a little on a teaspoon to taste test temperature). Serve and enjoy.

Kid’s version – just use 1 level teaspoon of hot chocolate powder and omit the chilli (unless you have one of those strange kids that loves all things spicy of course!).

Happy hot chocolate drinking!




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