Welcome to Under the Purple Magnolia Tree! This blog is written by us, S. and B.

We are two mums who are trying to change the world and be as eco-friendly as busy city living allows,  soulmates who have been married 7 years, idealists who refuse to be anything else, literature-loving, garden-creating, nature loving, eco-minded women who can’t live without their computers (or at least wouldn’t want to try), and druids who are trying to be more mindful and walk their spiritual path with integrity.

We met through a shared spiritual bond, and over time our relationship grew as our friendship did through common interests, goals, aspirations and inspirations. And this is what has brought us to this point today. Realising just how important living lightly on the land is to us, we have slowly been making lots of little changes that have helped us to live a more natural, more spiritual and more grounded lifestyle. With the arrival of our beautiful boy T. in November 2013,  living consciously and being aware of the beauty in small things and the special moments each day brings has become even more important to us. So this blog is a little bit of everything – as we’ve said before it’s a scattering of petals and petals come in all shapes and sizes.


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