What Enough Isn’t

I've written here about choosing 'enough' in my professional life and about living with 'enough' in the past month, but today I want to write about what 'enough' isn't. Enough isn't missing out. Some people might look at my life and see the things I don't have. We don't go away on flash holidays or … Continue reading What Enough Isn’t


Lexical Love

When I was at university, completing my BA in linguistics and German, I wrote for the student magazine. (For some unknown reason New Zealand universities all have magazines rather than newspapers). Being the eclectic girl that I am, and of course being completely incapable of choosing just one thing to focus on, my roles with … Continue reading Lexical Love

Reasons to Dance

I recently saw a post over at the Adult Ballerina Project* listing some reasons why you should take ballet as an adult (see original post here). Reading through this got me thinking about my own reasons for dancing (I guess this kind of follows on from last week's post. Anyway, without further ado, here are … Continue reading Reasons to Dance