Urban Homestead Update

Spring in Wellington creeps quietly, full of gentle promises of warmth at the end of Winter, and just when you think to yourself this is the beginning, the storms return.   - Wild winds rampage around the house, searching out any cracks you've dared to leave unmended, sheets of rain slam the window panes, and … Continue reading Urban Homestead Update


Reading to Druid littlies – kids’ books that inspire spirituality

I wrote this post for the blog of our spiritual group, and wanted to share it here too. Since starting our family, or even before that - when we considered the idea of bringing children up in a spiritual tradition - we've been on the look out for books that inspire kids' spirituality in different … Continue reading Reading to Druid littlies – kids’ books that inspire spirituality

Lexical Love

When I was at university, completing my BA in linguistics and German, I wrote for the student magazine. (For some unknown reason New Zealand universities all have magazines rather than newspapers). Being the eclectic girl that I am, and of course being completely incapable of choosing just one thing to focus on, my roles with … Continue reading Lexical Love