Almost Two

This time next week, our wee guy will be two years old. Two!!! He's not my little baby anymore 😦 I can't really be sad, though, and I don't miss those early weeks/months (much) when we have so much fun these days. He's a bright, busy, boisterous, boyish boy, which still amuses me quite a … Continue reading Almost Two


Springtime with Family

The school holidays are still a highlight of our lives - counting down the weeks to family time - and these ones just been have been particularly lovely. B.'s parents came to visit us in the first week, and then we visited my family in Auckland in the second week, and we've had many a … Continue reading Springtime with Family

Reading to Druid littlies – kids’ books that inspire spirituality

I wrote this post for the blog of our spiritual group, and wanted to share it here too. Since starting our family, or even before that - when we considered the idea of bringing children up in a spiritual tradition - we've been on the look out for books that inspire kids' spirituality in different … Continue reading Reading to Druid littlies – kids’ books that inspire spirituality

Catching Up

It's been a crazy couple of weeks - I went back to work temporarily, we had a whole heap of visitors one after the other, and - most exciting of all - we bought our first house! Moving day is less than two weeks away now, so we're surrounded by boxes and ongoing mess but … Continue reading Catching Up