The Choices we Make

"Forget success. Make it your mission to be brave. Forget your job title. Listen for your callings. Forget wealth. Learn to live well in your place. Forget marketing. Find and tell the stories that will heal you. Forget popularity. Let yourself love foolishly. This is what the world needs from you." Marianne Elliott We make … Continue reading The Choices we Make


Lexical Love

When I was at university, completing my BA in linguistics and German, I wrote for the student magazine. (For some unknown reason New Zealand universities all have magazines rather than newspapers). Being the eclectic girl that I am, and of course being completely incapable of choosing just one thing to focus on, my roles with … Continue reading Lexical Love

Life is Good

I always seem to finish each summer with lofty aspirations for what this blog will be, what we will turn it into. Which is great; you know, there's nothing wrong with aiming high, except that I always forget to take into account the fact that I work full time (in a wonderful, but often demanding … Continue reading Life is Good

Reasons to Dance

I recently saw a post over at the Adult Ballerina Project* listing some reasons why you should take ballet as an adult (see original post here). Reading through this got me thinking about my own reasons for dancing (I guess this kind of follows on from last week's post. Anyway, without further ado, here are … Continue reading Reasons to Dance