This page is a work in progress of websites and blogs (mainly blogs) we think are awesome, wonderful, inspiring, thought-provoking and helpful.

Organic/Sustainable Living

Craving Fresh (blog) (aotearoa)

Written by B.’s cousin-in-law Emma, this blog is about her journey to eat organically, grow her own veges and cook amazing food, all while raising her growing family.


S. has something of an addiction to reading blogs that chronicle the kind of life we want to live, hopefully quite soon!

Soule Mama (blog)

Amanda Soule is a very talented mother of 5, living a sustainable and creative life on a small farm in Maine. Her crafts are beautiful and practical, and while S. gets inspired to knit and sew by this blog, B. gets excited about the beekeeping.

Offbeat Families (blog/network)

Part blog, part online network this blog is all about unconventional parenting in its many forms. Diverse and engaging, it’s a refreshing take on the world of parenting.

breakingintoblossom (blog)

Beautiful and heartbreakingly honest blog about lesbian parenting.

Enjoying The Small Things (blog)

Kelle Hampton’s blog is full of gorgeous photography and loving advocacy for children with Down’s Syndrome, like her daughter Nella.

Two Moms To Be (blog)

Down to earth blog by two Canadian lesbians raising their son and new daughter.

Lesbian Family (blog/network)

Awesome new network of bloggers, with interesting articles and a fantastic list of resources and blogs to explore! I found this through WestPhillyMama, another favourite blog.

queerconceptional (blog) (aotearoa)

A new find and favourite! Another kiwi lesbian couple, just starting their TTC journey.


Pinterest (network/social media)

Seriously addictive website with brilliant ideas for pretty much everything under the sun (not just crafts). It’s basically like a virtual pin up board.


Obviously these are B.’s domain.

Adult Ballerina Project (blog/network)

A blog/network dedicated to promoting adult participation in ballet. Great articles, profiles and reviews.

Bead 109 (blog)

A buddhist take on learning ballet as an adult. LOVE!

Ballet Talk for Dancers (network/forum)

A ballet forum for dancers that is moderated by professional teachers. A great place to go for dance related questions. Also has a section for adult students.


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