Under the Weather

It’s school holidays now, and I’m writing this while relaxing on the couch as the monkey child sleeps. I’m also recovering. I’ve been sick for the last nearly two weeks and I do not like being sick. It’s not the flu or anything, just a nasty viral cold that I can’t seem to shake. T has had it too but seems to have bounced back faster. And here I am, nearly two weeks later, nearly better. But not quite.

I’m trying not to let it drive me crazy. I’m not great at stopping. I like having lots of things on the go or at least one big thing on the go. But I am willing to concede that that may be how I got myself into this situation in the first place – not enough down time. So I’m trying to acknowledge that maybe the best way to get well is actually just to rest, as everyone keeps telling me. But it’s got me thinking about the things we use for Winter bugs. While they don’t seem to prevent all the winter bugs particularly the toddler-shared kind, they certainly do speed up the recovery process. (Side note – I have never had so many bugs as I have since T. was born. I thought being a teacher I’d built up a level of immunity but clearly not where toddler bugs are concerned!)
Echinacea – we use this one by Weleda at the first sign of anyone getting sick to build up the immune system.

Garlic – S. is allergic to garlic and I don’t usually like it when I am well (but I love it when I am sick) so we don’t have it very often but when we are unwell T. and I often get down on garlic bread or garlic potatoes.

Vitamin C – S. And I both go in for mass doses of this when we are sick to help post the immune system.

Olive leaf – this is my go to when I am starting to feel run down at work. I like this one with echinacea, zinc and vit c.

Adult respiratory health – I always have a perpetual winter cough which is just part of my asthma, but it also means that colds tends to head down into my chest quite easily. This cough elixir by In Season Herbals is absolutely the best thing I  have found at treating my cough. They also make a great sinus remedy and S swears by their Immune Support. We use the Child Immune Support and Child Respiratory Health with T. too.

Water – lots of it (which I am not always great at!) 

We also uses homeopathics quite a bit and when I get really desperate for the coughing to stop these Comvita lozenges.

S. has also started giving T. Vitamin D lollipops, which seem to help.

What are your go to remedies for winter?



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