Growing a Garden Part One

I’ve been wanting to do a little series about my garden for a while now, and after a good autumn clean up this afternoon I feel like I have the words at last. There’s a fair bit to tell, so this will be split into 3 installments.


Way back at the beginning of 2011, in the week before our wedding, the menfolk of our families built us a fantastic tiered garden (contrary to appearances B.’s uncle in the white hat actually did most of the work).


It sat empty for months while we suffered the uncertainty of a house on the market, but when the owner decided to keep us on instead, I went ahead and gathered supplies. Our local garden centre had a special on their Organic Super Compost, supplemented by Composting New Zealand’s Certified Organic Gardening Mix and pea straw from the Zoo Doo Company.


On the advice of a friend I layered pea straw and compost.


Bottom tier complete!


I gathered seedlings and seed potatoes from the local organic store.


In the top tier we had basil, broccoli, Roma and cherry tomatoes, pak choy, leeks, red onions and dwarf beans. In the front tier we had spinach, zucchini and red rascal potatoes.


The tomato and broccoli seedling got cloches – their own mini greenhouses.

Of course, these ‘before’ shots are all from 18 months ago, and I have learned many many lessons since! Among these would be the lessons of not planting too much, of creative ways of keeping cats out of the garden, and that not everything you plant will actually grow…

In the next installment: our first harvest!




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