Sweetness in the Stillness


Most of the time I feel like my life is brimming – full of love and family, and a job I love, students I care about, things I want to do. And I love it.

But then there are these moments of stillness, often in the holidays or towards the end of a term, where everything calms and slows. When life itself seems to pulsate with joy and wonder, and my happiness knows no bounds.

I love these moments of sweetness, I always have.

Most often these moments send me to my writing. So here I am.

There are so many things I want to say and write about and tell you about, because honestly life is good, and I want to share that. But I get so caught up in what I could write that I find it hard to start.

So I’m going to take it slowly. And I’m going to set myself three goals. Publicly, out loud on this blog, because then I am more accountable.

1. Write weekly.

2. Do yoga daily.

3. Meditate daily.

All three of these goals/intentions/whatever you want to call them are designed to help me find cultivate and nurture the sweetness in the stillness and bring more of it into my sometimes brimming over life – especially as I have a very busy term professionally coming up.

What do you do to find stillness?



One thought on “Sweetness in the Stillness

  1. rubyredperspective says:

    I love this committment you have made to take time for stillness within an ever-moving, chaotic world. I have been thinking along the same lines lately. I am encouraged to seek more stillness in my life after reading this. Thank you.

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